2012 Ballet Series

When I was in photo school, I had an assignment to put together a book. I had to come up with some sort of series. Ballet just sort of landed in my lap.  My first session was with a co worker of my mothers. We had been wanting to do a session together for a while and we finally had time to do it. It turned out so beautiful that more and more of her friends (also dancers) wanted to do a session with me. That soon became my series.

The first girl in this post is Kara. It was the first time I got to work with her she was so graceful! Her firey red hair defiantly makes her stand out and makes all of the images 'POP'



Michaela was even more experienced and so in touch with the way her body moves. It was easy to follow along with what she was doing. She was such a great model! _MG_1351




Sarah, and I tried and tried to get together but it didn't happen for a while. I was feeling like I had enough dancers to complete my series but when we went to Golden Gardens I was so happy that I met with her. She was such a beautiful, smart and confident young women. I am glad we got a lot of good imagery but even if we hadn't, I would have been happy just to know her.  Thanks Sarah! _MG_3441




When I started my series, I sent out an email to the ballet devision at Cornish and had the fortune of finding Grace. It was chilly and windy that day but we found a great location at the Water Tower Park in Seattle. The last image I was able to play with a tilt shift lens and get more of a 'Fine Art' feel. _MG_9252



I had so much fun with Kelly. We got to go to the docks down in kenmore and I managed to get this gem of a shot. it was much different since she wore street clothes and added a little extra flair with my hat. I couldn't ask for better. _MG_9950-Edit-2

And finally, Lauren. The girl who started it all. This is the Girl who first met up with me and I learned so much about how to photograph dancers from her. Isn't she beautiful! Thanks girl!! <3 Tayler.Christine.