Photo School: Looking Back

Today I was going through old session that I shot last year for school projects and realized how far I have come since then. I would shoot whole sessions, 1.5 hours, 390 images, and only get one or two keepers. Wow! Thank goodness they were free practice sessions! When I was in school, we would have to submit a photo every week per class, 2 days a week, sometimes more, and then get up in front of class and "defend" our work and tell the class what we were thinking. Everyone would would do this and we would all tell each other how great their work was. I HATED this time of the week! Dreaded it! I was not confident in my work. I even spent an afternoon in my professor's office crying because I just wasn't confident. It didn't help that everyone in my class was the next Cocoa Cola or Jack Daniels shooter. Products, yuck! Everyone took themselves so seriously and when your shooting product, its hard not to be so serious, It is HARD But I was the odd girl out. I hated driving to Seattle every day. I'm a country girl, I like open space which Seattle defiantly does not offer! I loved photographing things that were alive, still do, and being out in the world instead of in the dark lonely studio. I had a horrible social experience and it was traumatizing but, I did learned a lot. I owe so much to the experience and if it didn't teach me anything else, it taught me how to be professional. Just know that if you are a young photographer and don't think you are very good at the moment, just keep shooting & practicing! I am still not where I want to be, skill wise, but I am always learning and trying new things with every session I  shoot. And if you are looking to perfect your craft, I recommend Seattle Central Community College's Commercial Photography Program. Its is hard to get into, and harder to stay in but it's worth it in the long run! Keep shooting!! <3


Class of 2012 getting ready for our grand portfolio show at the end of our 2 year experience!