Bachelorette Party: Learn Pole Dancing

Are you getting married soon and trying to find a fun thing to do for your bachelorette party?? Or a maid of honor planning a party??  Then you should call my friends at [Writhe Pole Dance]!! Recently I started looking for a really fun work out and through a friend, found [Writhe]. I browsed through their web site and filled out a form looking for more information and before I knew it I was getting a phone call from Ang! She is so sweet and genuinely in love with pole fitness that I found myself going to their classes the next day. We all know that pole dancing has this "hype" around it as being for strippers but it is a very classy, beautiful, empowering experience that builds a TON of muscle! And who doesn't want to feel sexy, right!? I can't wait till you meet my friends at [Writhe]!!

Call Ang for more details 425-239-0510


Meet the owner of [Writhe Pole Dance];Leah! She is amazingly gorgeous and talented :



Leah's husband, Jesse, is a personal trainer. So even if you aren't getting married and looking for a bachelorette party idea, looking for a workout and the whole pole thing doesn't sound like your cup of tea, the ladies at Writhe Pole Dance (and Jesse) are amazing and inspirational women. They are a great support group for anyone wanting to loose weight and super fun for anyone wanting to have a pole party!

[Writhe Pole Dance] is located in Marysville, WA


*Photos courtesy of pinterest*

This Photographer is available for Pole Sessions [Contact me] for your next session!