How To Use Your Photo Gallery

If yoga re confused about how to download your images from your session, here is a tutorial I put together to help walk your through it! 

If you have lost your URL then you can go to and click on the "Print Ordering" tab on the far right. Find your gallery then find and click the Download button:

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 11.55.10 AM.jpg

It will prompt you for your email and your download code given to you by me. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 11.56.13 AM.png

Follow the prompts...

When you click download it will start! 

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 11.57.31 AM.jpg

And there are your files! 

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 11.57.47 AM.jpg

If you click on them, guess what, you will see your awesome images!  You can then drag and drop them wherever you would like for them to live. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 11.58.01 AM.png

And, your DONE!