Improving your cell phone pictures// Tacoma wedding photographer

Recently I've come to realize that I may be the only person who edits their cell phone pictures before I feel like the are ready to post to facebook or instagram. If you want to improve the look of your cell phone pictures, here are a few easy aps that will help give them a unique touch. 

After you have taken a picture with your cell phone (here is a picture taken of my uncle, my mom and I at the St Paddies Day Dash yesterday as an example) Upload your image to VSCOcam

From there, you can use presets change the exposure and temperature which are options I use regularly. Your photos will be brighter and look more happy. (This is an issue when you live in Seattle where its almost always gloomy). 

 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

After you've made your edits and done all you want to your photo, you can choose to upload it to whitagram. This is only available for the iphone but this ap makes it possible to keep your entire photo instead of using the square crop in instagram. Whitagram puts a white bar on the top and bottom (or left and right) of the image so that the image is already square when you upload it to instagram. 

photo copy copy.jpg

Now your image is finally ready for instagram. Simply add a comment, tags and share to facbeook and your done! Hopefully this helps your feel more confident in how you present your photos on social media! Come follow me on instagram at taylerchristine4 for a look into my life and behind the scenes action!