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Auburn Family Photographer: Easter with the Pierce Family

I've been dating someone pretty seriously for the past 2 years and over those years I have grown pretty close to his mom, Linda, like all potential wives should ;). Joe's mom, Linda and dad, David, are always jetting off somewhere (since they retired) and going on trips, and planning family events ect. Linda uses her fridge calendar ALL OF THE TIME for these things and it is helpful to me so I can keep track of what is going on. So over the past few years I have really wanted to do a special custom calendar for her with her 4 grandchildren being a big focus. I always think its a fun idea for her and I always get to November with no photos. This year Im starting a little late but, better late then never right!? I am excited to share with you, some more of my personal work.

This "session" is from Easter Sunday. Dinner, an egg hunt, and some messy dessert. I think it is easiest to caption each photo so scroll down to see whats going on! Today we had just Vivian and Gordon and the neighbor girl, Rosie  <3







Vivian challenged us with brain teasers and entertained me with her twirling. She was very proud of her dress and how flow-y it was. Her mother and I sipped sangria while she has fruit juice with strawberries in it. She felt like a grown up.




The Hunt Is ON!








It is so hit and miss with that kid. Sometimes he is happy and sometimes he is just so confused. Either way, I think he is adorable!




Mr. Dirty-Shirt got into the sticks and wanted to show me. RAHHHH!!



They were too excited and this was the best shot we could get of both of them together in the middle of the hunt. Mom and dad tried too, it just wasn't happening haha


After the egg hunt was over, Ben (vivian's dad) stole one of thier eggs, this is the hatching of the plan to get it back!


Vivian coaching from the sidelines



Gordon decided that those candies were no good.



Run run run, Attack! Run run run, Attack! Run run run, Attack! Run run run, Attack! Run run run, Attack! Run run run, Attack!


Joe's Parents, Linda and David


My handsome man, Joe, and Gordon


Its cupcake time!!_MG_0629




What a MESS



He thought it was so funny that he could hold that life jacket with no hands haha. I love kids.